Randal Bazzano

Randal Bazzano

Organizer, Manager / Flames Of Passion & Roberto Monticello Production, LLC

Currently employed at Flames Of Passion Productions

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    EUROPEAN INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL 2013 Flames Of Passion "Frederic's American Experience" promotional video accepted in the ECU Firsts category by Scott Hillier and his ECU Team... With Flames Of Passion video promotional accepted by Scott Hillier and his ECU 2013 Team, ECU Firsts Category Special Selection, I have another marketing strategy with an International audience. Still with development and pre production finance unsecured I appreciate and thanks to those that have made the time to review this project and contributed to the development... ECU Firsts Category Special Selection... My name is Randal Bazzano and I want to share the story about Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. Frederic is the French artist that created the design for the Statue Of Liberty I have in development a pre production plan and now creating a team for the Flames Of Passion project. Roberto Monticello from New York City is the attached Director. Film France has been wonderful with location scouting and assistance with associates in Alsace and Bretagne Regions. From France Assistant Producer Mathieu Ebbsen-Goudin from Filming In France has assisted with co-production in France along with Cyrille Vaillant d/p as my choice for bringing together a first and/ or second units. C Benony,Sculptor, is my choice for Prop Master. This all has to be finalized by Roberto Monticello and the associates from France. Please give feed back and critics on such a project. Any help or suggestion for this project will be appreciated. Addition: Roberto has done 28 films in 9 countries, and has directed 56 play productions, and written 19 of them. He has won nine different awards, the latest being The Film Humanitarian Award from the Queens Film Festival. Currently he is in production on a documentary addressing the human trafficking issues. Roberto is the attached director for Flames Of Passion Production. Flames Of Passion Project has retained Buffalo 8 Productions as of June 15th. 2017 for pre-production services.


Organizer, Promoter, Manager

At Flame Of Passion & Roberto Monticello Productions, LLC

From September 2014 to December 2015
Pre production development for feature film production.

Assistant Crew Member for Television Broadcast.

At TCI Channel 28 Los Altos/Foothill College Community Cable Access

From August 1997 to December 1997

Hollywood Film Institute,

Certified Cinema Director/Line Producer, Feature Film Producer Diploma, Hollywood Film Institute

July 1996

Set Security

At Warner Brothers

From September 1994 to October 1994
Maverick Production Shooto on Yosemite Park location...

Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park

Bachelor Of Arts Psychology, Sonoma State University

From January 1976 to August 1991

Cabrillo College, Aptos

Associate Of Arts Psychology, Cabrillo College

From September 1985 to June 1986


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