Miguel Sanchez

Miguel Sanchez

CEO, Gold Quest Group

Currently employed at Gold Quest Group



    Gold Quest Group, LLC.™ We are a full service Residential & Commercial Brokerage Firm and Direct Hard Money Lender. We have a wide variety of mortgage products with great rates: FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, USDA, SBA, Hard Money and Reverse Mortgages. We have most types of grant Programs and down payment assistance programs offered by institutions such as the Federal Housing Administration, the City of Houston, Harris County and more. We can offer every kind of residential and commercial mortgage, investor loans, rehab loans, swing or bridge loans, builder, construction loans, reverse mortgage loans and more. We also provide a wide range of refinancing and equity cash out loan options to best fit your needs. Whether you are considering a purchase, refinance or equity cash out, at Gold Quest Group, we pride ourselves on industry-best integrity and knowledge to suit all types of financial needs. Our staff of over 40 multilingual finance professionals and loan experts are ready to listen, advise and process your loan. Our personnel have developed an extensive network of wholesale banks and investor warehouse lines that submit competing offers, thus allowing you to “tailor-make” your loan. We are known to beat bank’s top offers and strive in a time-effective way in doing so. We believe that business should be only conducted when it suits our clientele. Our "try it risk free" application system means we do not charge upfront and/or application fees in residential, commercial or asset based products. The process is simple and easy. After a scenario has been presented to us, we utilize every financial tool available in order to get you approved. If we cannot instantly approve your loan, we will diligently suggest a plan and timeframe for approval. Our staff will also issue a Transaction Closing Estimate so that you may be well-informed of your estimated closing costs. Loan documentation varies from product to product, however most include a complete application & supportive documents to process your financing request. Some loan products may require new appraisals, surveys or inspections. We make a living by staying true to our ethical standards and truth-in-lending as we know good market perception and quality service lead to your repeat referrals. We plan to keep providing nothing less than excellence in customer service and being there for our clients. Gold Quest Group has a 12 year record funding thousands of loans. From the thousands to the millions, we continue our market gain in the residential or commercial real estate market. Check out our recent Deals and testimonials from THOUSANDS of satisfied customers. These "done deals” have helped us achieve an A+ with the better business bureau. “The product sells itself; Gold Quest is well known for their clean, ethical standards in the mortgage industry. This is our source of success”.



At Gold Quest Group

From April 2002 to Present
Gold Quest Group has a 12 year record of funding thousands of Houston Home Mortgage Loans, Refinance Loans, Hard Money Loans and more. Whether a purchase, refinance or hard money, we have over 40 multilingual mortgage loan specialist ready listen and process your loan


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