Kevin Wessell

Kevin Wessell

President, Bank of Baroda

Currently employed at National Charity Support, Inc. , Bank of Baroda, Kevin Wessell



    Kevin Wessell has a great respect for what Mother Theresa stood for during her wonderful and meaningful lifetime. He has great compassion on others and believes in the sacrifices she made in her service of others. Today he celebrates her life and contribution to the needy. God bless her service. The information and research that he found in studying her life has been a great inspiration for him. Her life and legacy should continue to inspire others and encourage them to live a lifestyle of service and compassion for those who are in need. We live on a tiny dot in space and what we do here to help and support mankind is what really matters in life.



At National Charity Support, Inc.

From May 1996 to Present
Helps charities help people in need.


At Kevin Wessell

From 1991 to Present


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