Hunter Whitney

Hunter Whitney

Consultant, Genentech

Currently employed at Genentech , Hunter Whitney and Associates, Inc.


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    An accomplished Consultant, Hunter Whitney received his Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Furthering his education, Hunter Whitney also attended the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC), where he received a second Bachelor’s degree in Biology. Hunter Whitney’s combination of educational interests has made him a successful and well-rounded Consultant who applies his expertise in user experience design and information architecture to technology, health, and science organizations. The influence of art and science are clearly evident in Hunter Whitney’s quest to provide his clients with the best user experience design and information architecture for their digital media platforms. Hunter Whitney has worked for clients such as Cisco Systems, AOL, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Intel. One of Hunter Whitney’s most prominent consulting jobs was with the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Hunter Whitney applied his knowledge of biology to create groupings and hierarchies for the animals featured on the site. Working with more than 40,000 pages of both dynamic and static content, Hunter Whitney sought to improve the overall experience for the user and to raise awareness of issues such as ocean conservation. Through Hunter Whitney & Associates, Inc., which he founded in 2002, Hunter Whitney has worked for more than 20 companies. In his user experience design consulting, Hunter Whitney formulates his recommendations using a combination of analyzing the expectations and needs of users, gap analyses, organizational goals, professional experience, and a range of other considerations. Hunter Whitney focuses on assisting clients who specialize in science, medicine, and technology. Hunter Whitney is also frequent speaker at conferences and seminars who presents on a range of topics in user experience design. For instance, Hunter Whitney was asked to be on a panel at UCLA Extension about the future of writing in the Internet Age. Hunter Whitney is also a journalist who has worked for many notable publications such as TIME, the Los Angeles Times, and Variety. Hunter Whitney has recently written articles on data visualizations for UX Magazine in his role as a Contributing Editor. In addition, his article “Bringing Usability to the Frontlines of Medicine” was featured in a World Usability Day conference in Washington, DC and later re-published in a Society for Technical Communication publication. Hunter Whitney is currently working on a book about cross-cultural medical practices. Hunter Whitney also devotes significant time and effort to volunteering, lending his expertise to organizations such as CrisisCommons, among others.



At Hunter Whitney and Associates, Inc.

From February 2002 to Present


At Hunter Whitney and Associates, Inc.

From 2002 to Present

UC Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz

BA, UC Santa Cruz

From January 1990 to January 1993


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