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Donald Kaiser

Founder, Headwaters, Inc

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Currently employed at Catalyst, Benefits-usa, Headwaters, Inc


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    As a brief introduction, I am one of three authorized intake officers working for the corporation which holds 3 of the 7 worldwide commitments for bank paper. Private investors with the required assets may be invited into a Leveraged Asset program which provides safety of principal, regulatory oversight from international authorities, and non-recourse profits for projects. I am here to help explain, guide and counsel prospective clients into acceptance in these private arrangements, and welcome your connection. Over the years, we have created a vast network of people in the funding provider space provides us with a depth of project funding possibilities for projects deemed to be worthy of investment. If you would like to be on our email list, please sign up at Please visit my websites to learn more about the facets of my business. We value the development of relationships with PRINCIPAL sponsors and private investors from individuals utilizing the benefits of a Self-Directed IRA, all the way to multi-billion size family offices and institutional investors. Project sizes start at $1-Million and can go in the B's. The most important thing to me is the establishment of a genuine and authentic, honest and truthful business relationship. One that is based on Trust, Integrity, Ethics, and Transparent. Regarding Intermediaries: If you are not directly AND ONLY dealing with a Principal, we are open to speaking. IN ALL CASES, YOU MUST BE DIRECT.



At Benefits-usa

From November 2001 to Present
From 2011 to Present The Benefits-USA Program resulted from an intensive analysis of the many threats facing Americans and their families today and an effort to develop a package of non-health insurance benefits to counter those threats. The selection criteria was a...
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Founder and CEO

At Headwaters, Inc

From November 1986 to Present
Headwaters is a leading manufacturer of building products for the residential construction, residential remodeling, commercial and institutional construction industries. The Company's portfolio of building products includes: architectural stone; resin-based exterior siding accessories (such as...
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