Andrea Karlsson Osten

Andrea Karlsson Osten

Chief Operation Officer, Westport Engineering

Currently employed at Westport Engineering

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    West Port Engineering Specializes in the provision of specialized industrial and mechanical services to the oil & gas, chemical, mining, cement, utilities, pulp & paper, and dairy industries. Our focus was to provide specialized industrial services to oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and large industrial plants where the company's innovation, technical expertise, and higher standards of health and safety would be an advantage over local and international competitors. Reactor & Catalyst Handling Services Plant Decontamination Services Demolition Services Environmental Services & Waste Management Offshore Exploration & Production Services Heat Exchanger & Mechanical Services Hydro-Jetting and Cold Cutting Services Chemical Cleaning Services Tank Maintenance Services Specialised Pipe & Tube Cleaning Services Shutdown & Turnaround Services Acid Plant Maintenance Services Industrial Coatings Services Our Catalyst Handling and Mechanical Services are among the best worldwide, and can be completed both on and offshore. We provide refineries and petrochemical plants with a complete, 'blinds to blinds' range of services for commissioning and maintaining catalytic reactors, vessels, and columns, as well as Shutdown and Turnaround management. Contract Resources is committed to best practice operations, and as such is constantly developing new methods or improvements for both inert and non-inert entries, as well as non-entry catalyst removal. Our specialized mechanical services include bolt tensioning and torquing, tube bundle (heat exchanger) extraction and replacement, revamp and modification of reactor internals, and hydro-testing. Our Tank and Environmental services include mechanical preparation, sludge minimization, tank entry and repair, and clean up of mercury contaminated materials such as sludge, catalysts, absorbents, and soil.


Chief Operation Officer

At Westport Engineering

From September 2000 to Present

project Manager

At Contract Resources PTY LTD

From March 2001 to May 2005
As the Mechanical Technician I assumes a high level of responsibility early, supporting the field teams in their delivering of client services. Fast learning and self-motivated, independent working. work under pressure and the willingness to work in varying conditions. Mechanical Technicians receive...
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Maintenance Technician

At HAWE Hydraulik

From April 1991 to August 1994
Technicians will accept personal responsibility at all times for themselves and assist where they can with the safety of other team members and contractors. This includes, but is not limited to such things as:
Ensuring all safety rules and safe work procedures are followed by themselves and by...
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University Of Aberdeen, Aberdeen

mechanicl Engineering, mechanicl Engineering

From September 1987 to February 1991

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