Thomas Boitard

Thomas Boitard

RF/mmW Validation Engineer (V.I.E) at STMicroelectronics

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Précédents : Stmicroelectronics, ELVIA PCB


Précédents : ISEN Brest (Institut Supérieur De L'Electronique Et Du Numérique), Lycée Jeanne D'Arc


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    Graduated with a Master's degree (Engineer's degree) from ISEN Brest in Electronics and Industrial Computer Science since October 2017, I am a skilled Engineer in the field of Microelectronics (CAD flow for Analog/Mixed-Signal Design) and Embedded Systems. Furthermore, I worked at STMicroelectronics as a Process Design Kit developer for 3 years. I have a great interest in Electronics combined with Computer Science (programming), that's why I specialized in CAD tools for Microelectronics. Current career goal: developing my technical and human skills in an international context.


RF/mmW Validation Engineer (V.I.E)

Chez Stmicroelectronics

De octobre 2019 à aujourd'hui
▪ RF/mmW characterization (VSWR measurement) ▪ Equipments used: vector network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, RF signal generator, digital pattern generator, power meter, digital multimeter, automated tuner, etc. ▪ Measurement automation and data post-processing with Python

Technical Support Engineer (V.I.E)

Chez Stmicroelectronics

De janvier 2018 à septembre 2019
Providing technology and Process Design Kit support to STMicroelectronics' customers (capturing, tracking, and resolving bugs and issues). ▪ CAD flow for Analog/Mix-Signal/Digital Design, PDK, Spice simulation, PCells, CDF, callbacks, techfile, DRC, ERC/ESD, Multi-Patterning, LVS, DFM, Post-Layout ...
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ISEN Brest (Institut Supérieur De L'Electronique Et Du Numérique), Brest

Engineering Degree in Electronics and Industrial Computer Science, Institut Supérieur de l'Electronique et du Numérique

De septembre 2014 à août 2017
▪ Electronics (Anlog & Digital) ▪ Systems engineering ▪ Power electronics ▪ Electrical engineering ▪ Electromagnetism ▪ Analysis and synthesis of logical systems ▪ Microcontroller (STM32) ▪ VHDL & FPGA ▪ Computer Science (information system, database, IP networking, ...) ▪ Programmable logic ...
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Apprentice Engineer

Chez Stmicroelectronics

De septembre 2014 à août 2017
EDA tools for integrated circuit design - Process Design Kit development ▪ Device library development (layout, schematics, symbols, device parameters, callbacks) ▪ Techfile development (layers, process constraints, electrical rules) ▪ Process Design Kit validation (PCells validation with DRM: Design ...
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Business trip (Santa Clara, California)

Chez Stmicroelectronics

De juillet 2016 à août 2016
As a member of an engineering team, I provided technical support for Process Design Kit development and validation (device library and technology data) in order to contribute to the attainment of team objectives (planning and quality).

Lycée Jeanne D'Arc, Vitre

HND (BTS) - Electronic Systems, Lycée Jeanne d'Arc

De septembre 2012 à juin 2014
▪ Electronics (Anlog & Digital) ▪ Electronic Systems (Radio Frequency (RF), Automotive, RFID, ...) ▪ C programming for electronic applications (PIC microcontroller) ▪ Test and measurement (digital oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, ...) End of study project: ▪ Design of an electronic board with an ...
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Electrical Test Technician


De mai 2013 à août 2013
▪ Setting CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine ▪ Checking dimensions of the Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) ▪ PCB electrical testing ▪ PCB troubleshooting, retouching and repairing ▪ Writing test reports ▪ Validating operations in the manufacturing range and the computer system


  • Agile Project Management
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