Lise Beranger

Lise Beranger

Coordinatrice Sante, Securite et Environnement, Novo Nordisk DAPI US

Précédents : Institut De Cognitique


    En résumé

    Being 6 years experimented Ergonomist / Human factors Engineer, all my missions have in common my commitment to improve people's work-life, helping them to achieve their job better (efficiency), as well as feel better (mental & physical health). I obtained the European Ergonomist® title, which acknowledge both quality education and effective professional practice (see more infos on My adaptability and open-mind allow me to perform work either within big firms or as a consultant supporting various type of customers (from a state hospital to onion farm, from metallurgy to supermarkets...), with a lot of different types of missions, as detailed below. I am known to do be deeply involved in my job, self-demanding and to satisfy my customers' need. But I also enjoy a good laugh at work with my colleagues. A good team spirit is essential to me, and I do my best to keep it alive. I am a good cooker for who wants to taste French homemade cakes during coffee break. Just saying... Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Environmental, Health and Safety Professional

Chez Novo Nordisk

De mai 2018 à aujourd'hui
Novo Nordisk is currently building a new diabetes API plant in Clayton, which will initially employ 700 employees to double production of diabetes drugs over the next decade. The needs are oriented around the development of the Safety culture, the design process and the future safety procedures for ...
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Safety & Environmental Manager

Chez Schneider Electric

De octobre 2015 à novembre 2017
Schneider Electric offers solutions in energy management and automation. Only Safety Manager for 400+ employees and contractors, in electric & electronic labs, offices, machine shop, warehouse and services. Safety - Provided responsive, realistic and user-oriented technical support in procedures ...
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Consultant Ergonomist

Chez Ariane Conseil

De 2014 à janvier 2015
Ariane Conseil is a 15 employees company, leader on disabled matters since 1990 for big firms. It also develops an innovating offer on health problems, such as stress disorders. Most missions are custom made to fit the special requirements and contexts. My missions: 1) Industrial conception ...
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Consultant Ergonomist


De 2012 à novembre 2013
Initiatives Prevention is a 50 employees consulting firm, specialized in working health and disability matters My missions: 1) Musculoskeletal disorders issues (food industry - high MSDs risk level) - Leading assistance working conditions improvement project - Biomechanical, organizational ...
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De janvier 2011 à janvier 2012
Falco is a general design office specialized in industrial matters. My missions: 1) Musculoskeletal disorders issues (food industry): human factors in process design with a design team - Biomechanical, organizational and psychosocial causes analysis - Sharing human factors matters with design ...
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Chez EDF

De février 2008 à décembre 2009
Nuclear plant with 2000 employees Architectural project management accompaniment (restaurant, control room and working and living surroundings, maintenance store, IT offices and waste service offices) - User's need and field data diagnosis, - Plans and layouts simulations - Functional user ...
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Institut De Cognitique, Bordeaux

Master Ergonomie, Département d'ergonomie

De septembre 2007 à septembre 2008


  • Aménagement de poste handicap
  • Animation de formations
  • Conception
  • Conduite de projet
  • Ergonomie
  • Santé au travail

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