Jean-François Lèquepeys

Jean-François Lèquepeys

Senior Director of Finance - FP&A at Paradies Lagardère - Travel Retail

En poste chez Paradies Lagardère - Travel Retail

Précédents : Paradies Lagardère - Travel Retail, Lagardere Services North America, Lagardère Services North America, Mensia Conseil, Veolia Environmental Services Africa & Middle East, Indefi


Précédents : HEC, Ecole Spéciale Des Travaux Publics, Du Bâtiment Et De L'Industrie


    En résumé

    I have an instinct that wants to create value and make a meaningful impact, that’s my drive!! I’m a driven team leader with great cross-functional experience and education. I strongly believe in leading by example. Over my years of experiences in Finance, Consulting and Project Management, I have developed and nurtured the following characteristics: • Have insight into what drives the numbers • Establish and explain meaningful metrics that add value • Have an integrated and comprehensive understanding of the business • Interpret and see opportunities in complexity and ambiguity • Navigate risk with prudence and courage • Think like an investor Myers–Briggs Type Indicator: INTJ - Introversion (I), Intuition (N), Thinking (T), Judgment (J) My Top Gallup 5 Strengths: Strategic – Competition – Achiever – Futuristic - Analytical Specialties: Business analysis and insights, strategic thinking, business plan / case development, budgeting and planning, financial modelling, corporate reporting (to parent company), cross-functional partnering, strong presentation skills, process streamlining, leading and coaching people.


Directeur of Finance & Accounting

Chez Paradies Lagardère - Travel Retail

De juin 2016 à avril 2017

Director of Corporate Planning

Chez Lagardere Services North America

De février 2012 à mai 2016

Financial Analyst

Chez Lagardère Services North America

De 2011 à février 2012


Chez Mensia Conseil

De 2009 à 2011

Chargé de Mission

Chez Veolia Environmental Services Africa & Middle East

De 2008 à 2009

Analyste Stratégique et Financier

Chez Indefi


HEC, Jouy En Josas

Entrepreneuriat, Mastère HEC-Entrepreneurs

De 2007 à 2008

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