Anna Yaya Kelleher

Anna Yaya Kelleher

Values-Based Marketing Specialist | B2B Content | Writer and Publisher

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Précédents : San Francisco Green Film Festival, Food Sovereignty Tours, Civic Ventures, Materia Medica, Yoga Garden, San Francisco Infant Mortality Review, Brookdale National Group Respite Program


Précédents : Université Bordeaux 3 Montaigne, University Of California, Berkeley, University Of California, Davis


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    The ANNACOLIBRI mission is to create beautiful and functional web presence for dynamic, values-based organizations and their audiences.Beautiful and functional web presence combines style, symmetry and attention to detail with common sense, useability, value, intelligence and integrity.Your web presence includes:●Your brand.●Your customer relationships. ●Your website. ●Your online assets. ●Anything you sell online. ●Anything you say online.ANNACOLIBRI believes in products, services and brands that genuinely care about their customers and want the world to be a better place, both online and off. Since 2008 we have created marketing programs that make the best of your web presence, communicate product and service benefits to customers like yours and integrate digital and traditional media tools and techniques.



Founder & CEO


De 2011 à aujourd'hui
ANNACOLIBRI assesses existing web presence and fosters relationships with clients on the social web. We develop, implement, analyze and improve content strategies for socially conscious enterprises.

Social Media Consultant

Chez San Francisco Green Film Festival

De 2011 à 2012
The San Francisco Green Film Festival, reaching over 2,000 attendees per year, is the Bay Area's only green film festival. ANNACOLIBRI develops festival web presence through social media channels, multimedia content and online and offline events.

Marketing Consultant

Chez Food Sovereignty Tours

I developed a marketing strategy for the French food tour, developed leads and created multimedia content for the tour's blog.

Program Associate

Chez Civic Ventures

I managed a grants and communications program for over 1,000 community colleges nationwide. I developed and implemented program and communications strategies and managed the grants application process. I designed, developed and delivered webinars, surveys, reports and articles for the web and print ...
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Ageless Yoga Program Director

Chez Yoga Garden

De 2008 à 2010
I marketed and promoted the Yoga Garden of San Francisco's Ageless Yoga program, more than doubling course offerings and revenues in one year. I led the Ageless Yoga Program team in creating marketing campaigns and implementing special events.


Chez Materia Medica

De 2008 à 2010
Materia Medica was a small business specializing in Ayurveda, Yoga and Holistic Massage. As founder, I was responsible for all aspects of the business including operations, finance, marketing, website, blog and special events as well as service delivery and customer relationships from conception ...
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Parent Representative

Chez San Francisco Infant Mortality Review

De 1999 à 2010
The San Francisco Infant Mortality Review is a program of the San Francisco City and County Maternal and Child Health Department. I collaborated with a team to review cases of fetal and infant death from 20 weeks gestation to 1 year of life, defined public health issues, recommended policies and ...
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Program Manager

Chez Brookdale National Group Respite Program

De 1997 à 1999
I conducted program evaluation and provided technical assistance for 220 adult day programs nationwide, conducted site visits, selected new sites through annual Request for Proposal (RFP) process, planned, organized, and executed annual training programs for 300 participants, wrote and edited ...
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