University Of Nebraska At Omaha

University of Nebraska At Omaha
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University Of Nebraska At Omaha, Omaha : 13 alumni

University of Nebraska At Omaha

Selma Soumri

Licence avec spécialisation en micro et nano électronique.
Ingénierie en micro et nano électronique_Université de Nebraska, Etats unis: Obtention de ma licence avec spécialisation en micro et nano électronique.
Fahad Alhajri
Recruiter, Sabic
Maintenance, Scott Residential Management
Thomas Hammond
Manager, Learning & Dev, Chick-fil-A Inc
Faouziath Yaya
Diplômée ENASS
International Professional Development
Etudiant, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Georgios C. Korellis
Founder & Managing Director, EVEXIS GLOBAL LTD
Master of Science (M.Sc)
Exercise Science/Exercise Physiology
Katie Huerter
Board of Directors , Interfaith Peace Builders
Marion Pernin
Chef de Groupe Marketing Relationnel, Optimus
Master's degree student in Information System & Quantitative Analysis
Master's Degree
Management Information System
Consultant, Management Consulting
Bachelors of Science
Bob Elic
President, Go Teach in Asia