University Of Florida

University of Florida
100 BRY PO Box 117150
32611 Gainesville

9 alumni

University Of Florida, Gainesville : 1994 : 9 alumni

University of Florida

James Falkner
Community Manager, Liferay, Inc.
Richard Kirsch Poker
Hi, I'm Richard Kirsch Poker Player from Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Donald Ayers
Electronic health record (EHR) Activation Consultant
Molecular Biology/Biochemistry
Area Sales Manager, Intuitive Surgical, Inc.
Partner, Galarza & Taylor Law P.C.
Computer Science
Master of Science
Maji Vines
I Go Bump in the Night!
EFI Enterprise Florida
Enterprise Florida (Etat de Floride), Représentation en Europe
Sergio Cicconi
Freelance di digital media, Varie società
Studi di specializzazione in Communication
studi in teoria della comunicazione multimediale, digital culture e comunicazione.
David Sieg
President, Conviviant Inc.
Public Relations
College of Journalism - Received a bachelor's degree in public relations and a minor in sociology.