Boston University School Of Law

Boston University School of Law
765 Commonwealth Avenue
02116 Boston

12 alumni

Boston University School Of Law, Boston : 12 alumni

Boston University School of Law

Robert Pilcowitz
CEO, Franklin Mortgage Funding
Arnaud Arrecgros
Counsel, AMMC Law - Avocat à la Cour
Fiscaliste International Senior, Thales
Volontaire, Court Service Center at the Edward W. Brooke Courthouse in Boston
Wayne  Sprauve
Promoter of Growth in Africa and Beyond
Mary-Laura Greely
Boston, Massachusetts, Transactional Attorney Mary-Laura Greely
Nathan S. Gibson
Senior Director, Risk Management, MBO Partners, Inc.
Avocat-Associé, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP
Vice President, Kendall-Parker & Associates
Deborah Journo
Deborah Journo - Avocat à la Cour
American Law, IP Law, Corporate Law
Charles Abitbol
Avocat aux barreaux de Paris et New York
LL.M in Banking and Financial Law - Securities Regulation Securitization Mergers and Acquisitions Commercial Lending Transnational Lending and Trade Financing International Securities Transactions Banking Structure and Regulation Bankruptcy
manager, Dassault Systemes