University Of California, Davis

University of California, Davis

61 alumni

University Of California, Davis, Davis : 61 alumni

University of California, Davis

Qian Che

Global Study Program
Global Study Program GPA: 3.90/4.00  Honors: Fully sponsored by Chinese Scholarship Council  Program: Attended Washington Program to intern in an NGO (Ameson Foundation)
Environmental Governance and Coordination Analyst, Irish Water
B.S. Environmental Policy, Analysis and Planning
Graduate summa cum laude
Nicholas Halliwell
Recent Data Science Graduate at Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
Itziar Camio
Accounting and Human Resource Manager, To-Go Ware
James Lance
Supervising Engineer, British Petroleum
Kelly Deguilhem
Ingénieure agroalimentaire
Semestre académique a l'étranger * Séminaire en Nutrition, Nutrition Humaine, Introduction à l'œnologie, Microbiologie du vin, Fabrication de la bière, Microbiologie alimentaire.
Zach Griffiths
Financial Analyst, Oracle
Karen Whitestone
Owner, Rim Trail Ranch
Biological Sciences
- Bachelor of Sciences in Biological Sciences, emphasis Plant Biology - Cal Aggie Christian Association & Multifaith Living Community - Women's Ultimate Frisbee Club - Cal Aggie Alumni Association
Andrea Salazar
Student and IBO
Frederic Matignon
Private Banker, First Republic Bank
Dan Kalt
Professional Services Leader
Computer Science
Engineering Project Manager
mechanical Engineering & General Physics
Gary Saunders
Professeur de Guitare
Ingénieur Projet, Airbus IC -Sell & Support
Marion Duchemin
chargée de production, Piccadilly
Political Science, African-American Studies - - The American Presidency - The US Supreme Court - The Supreme Court and the notion of equality in the US - Political Science Seminar on the Supreme Court - Ethnicity in the US - Race and Juvenile Delinquency - African-American History - African-American dance - African-American film
Stagiaire, Peregrine Wines
EAP Program (Exchange Program)
Viticulture and Enology
Chargée de mobilisation des ressources, Equilibres & Populations
Political Science, History, Economics International Relations - Dean's honors list for two quarters Overall GPA: 3.89/4 4.0 GPA during Winter Quarter Got in the prestigious Washington Program.
Anna Yaya Kelleher
Values-Based Marketing Specialist | B2B Content | Writer and Publisher
Business Developer at Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (Copenhagen Business School)
Professeur, Université de Bordeaux
David Caspillo
Managing Partner Comerit
Student, University of California Davis
Melinda Gallo
Writer and Blogger
Isabel Valverde
Associate Researcher, GAIPS - Intelligent Agents and Synthetic Characters Group
Performance Cultures
Nathalie Trepo
Responsable Relations Investisseurs et Communication
Anne-Cécile Duputel
Responsable export et grands comptes, Elaÿs Cosmétique
Ingénieur Etudes Mécanique, SAFRAN Group Turbomeca
Green Transportation Laboratory
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Chercheur spécialiste, Emory University
Principal Quality Engineer, Amgen, Inc.
Chemical Engineering
Engineering - Materials Science