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Detsky Barcenas

Senior caregiver, Caregiving agency

United States

  • Current job title:Senior caregiverCaregiving agency

Tamiko Ramirez

Caregiver, Senior Services Plus

Ferguson | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverSenior Services Plus
  • Previous job title:In home CaregiverSenior Services Plus

Hello, my name is Tamiko Ramirez I care to help your love one to stay out of the nursing homes and to remain independently in their homes. I have hands on training on how to take the load of my clients' mind. Monday thru Friday I would great my clients' with simple pleasant good morning, how are...

Lisa Corona

Freelance, n/a

La Mesa | United States

  • Current job title:caregivern/a

well im in Lemon Grove, not La Mesa but it wont seem to change so that's why im putting it here.

Betty Dickey

Daughter and Caregiver, Care giver of Annie

Saint Louis | United States

  • Current job title:Daughter and CaregiverCare giver of Annie
  • Previous job title:Claims ProcessorAetna


My first exposure to Scentsy was not one that I pursued because I am sensitive to scents and too much gave me headaches. But when I got past that previous mind block, I could not get enough of trying and smelling ALL the scents and picking my favorites. I signed up as a consultant before I even p...

Deana Charbonneau

Web related projects, freelance

Reno | United States

  • Current job title:Part time Writercelebdirtylaundry.com
  • Previous job title:Web design and online communityclient XxxMusexxX

I have knowledge in HTML, CSS and blogging.I am analytical, creative,resourceful, and business-oriented skills to promote a client,company, products and services.As an online community manager i never had the same job or task any single day it involved adapting to new online technologies and soci...

Laura Hernandez

Caregiver, Sierra Place

Carson City | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverSierra Place

Molly Casanare

Caregiver, Rayad's ARF

Chula Vista | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverRayad's ARF

Ricardo Chambers

caregiver, whitehorn

New York | United States

  • Current job title:caregiverwhitehorn

Tara Anysz

Caregiver, N/A

Erie | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverN/A

Marrissa Ramriez

caregiver, sunrise senior living

Fontana | United States

  • Current job title:caregiversunrise senior living

Lorelei Delaney

Caregiver, Private Client

Temecula | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverPrivate Client

Stephanie Flowers

Freelance, Homemaker

Riverside | United States

  • Current job title:caregiverHomemaker

Mirsa Abeshi

Caregiver, The Medical Team

Sterling Heights | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverThe Medical Team

Chris Westerlund

caregiver, chris's care

Lincoln | United States

  • Current job title:caregiverchris's care

Lisa Coronado

caregiver, idaho falls group homes

Idaho Falls | United States

  • Current job title:caregiveridaho falls group homes

Monsie Freeman

Caregiver, NHS

Croydon | United States

  • Current job title:caregiverNHS

AMY Miller

Caregiver, self

Raleigh | United States

  • Current job title:Caregiverself

Krissha Hurts

caregiver, in home care (private)

Heme | United States

  • Current job title:caregiverin home care (private)

Edith Uytiongco

caregiver, retirement homes

Los Angeles | United States

  • Current job title:caregiverretirement homes

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Reynato Francisco

caregiver, none-in-particular

Columbia, Sc | United States

  • Current job title:caregivernone-in-particular


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