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Jonathan Smith

Caregiver, IHSS In-Home Supportive Services

Tulare | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverIHSS In-Home Supportive Services


Tamiko Ramirez

Caregiver, Senior Services Plus

Ferguson | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverSenior Services Plus
  • Previous job title:In home CaregiverSenior Services Plus

Hello, my name is Tamiko Ramirez I care to help your love one to stay out of the nursing homes and to remain independently in their homes. I have hands on training on how to take the load of my clients' mind. Monday thru Friday I would great my clients' with simple pleasant good morning, how are...

Lisa Corona

Freelance, n/a

La Mesa | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverN/a

well im in Lemon Grove, not La Mesa but it wont seem to change so that's why im putting it here.

Deana Charbonneau

Web related projects, freelance

Reno | United States

  • Current job title:Part time WriterCelebdirtylaundry.com
  • Previous job title:Web design and online communityClient XxxMusexxX

I have knowledge in HTML, CSS and blogging.I am analytical, creative,resourceful, and business-oriented skills to promote a client,company, products and services.As an online community manager i never had the same job or task any single day it involved adapting to new online technologies and soci...

Jessca Solo

caregiver, no company

United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverNo company

Pamela Perkins

caregiver, self employed N/A

Topeka | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverSelf employed
  • Previous job title:CaregiverSelf employed N/A

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Laura Hernandez

Caregiver, Sierra Place

Carson City | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverSierra Place

Reynato Francisco

Caregiver, None-in-particular

Columbia, Sc | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverNone-in-particular

Stephanie Barker

caregiver, lake city cluster

Lake City Fl | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverLake city cluster

Chit Data

caregiver, Mr.William Mccrory

Alexandria | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverMr.William Mccrory

Amanda Mayer

Caregiver, Horizon Bay

Charleston | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverHorizon Bay

Kiosha Yarbor

caregiver, in jome supportive services

Sacramento | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverIn jome supportive services

Stacy Soza

Freelance, none ya

Tucson | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverNone ya

Ellen Davis

Caregiver, Private Person

New York | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverPrivate Person

Meghan Steindorf

Caregiver, Signature

Bend | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverSignature

Madonna Manansala

Caregiver, Mr. & Mrs. Roberts

Sarasota | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverMr. & Mrs. Roberts

Edith Uytiongco

caregiver, retirement homes

Los Angeles | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverRetirement homes

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caregiver, in home care

Apple Valley | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverIn home care

Celes West

Caregiver, Volunteers of America

Huntsville | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverVolunteers of America

AMY Miller

Caregiver, self

Raleigh | United States

  • Current job title:CaregiverSelf

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