William Deyesso

William Deyesso

Retired Executive

Currently employed at Wynn Management and Development Co.



    William Deyesso received his education at the Bryant & Stratton School of Business in Boston, Massachusetts. For two years, William Deyesso studied Computer Science, ultimately finishing with a program certification. Following this education, Bill Deyesso began a career in real estate at WinnCompanies. Rapidly rising from the position of Manager to Executive Vice President, Bill Deyesso distinguished himself for an ability to manage the budget of national operations, at one point achieving a reduction of costs for five consecutive years. At WinnCompanies, he assisted in the development of properties including apartment housing, medical facilities, and a luxury hotel in Boston. Following these years of leadership, William Deyesso transferred his skills to Buyer’s Choice Inc., a third party insurance administrator. Handling the complexities of direct writer insurance operations, Bill Deyesso offers his expert knowledge of controlled and noncontrolled foreign companies with offshore holdings. With his background in budget management, William Deyesso addresses the needs of a clientele which possesses assets worth millions of dollars. Outside of his career, William Deyesso participates as a philanthropist and community builder in the Boston area. He holds positions on the Council of Better Business Bureaus and the Massachusetts Independent Automobile Dealers Association. Applying his Christian values, Bill Deyesso donates to charities such as the Special Olympics, local homeless shelters, and Camp Timanous in Maine. William Deyesso also supports several organizations devoted to health care, such as Hospice of the South Shore and the American Cancer Society. Furthermore, he contributes to research initiatives targeting autism.


Executive Vice President

At Wynn Management and Development Co.

From 1980 to Present

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  • Insurance
  • Real Estate