William Harrison

William Harrison

Proprietor / Breeder, Kittentanz Cattery

Currently employed at Kittentanz Cattery, Kittentanz



    Bill and Michelle Harrison, the proprietors of the Atlanta-area Kittentanz Cattery, consider themselves fortunate to be spending their time doing what they love: breeding and raising kittens. Michelle has been breeding cats for over 30 years, and Bill joined her in this endeavor 17 years ago. Kittentanz offers purebred kittens, focusing on Siamese cats of the traditional or “Applehead” variety. Kittens of other breeds, primarily color-pointed breeds such as Tonkinese, Balinese, or Himalayan, are also available, giving Kittentanz clients a variety of adorable options. At first, the Harrisons bred kittens in their spare time, but since the birth of their daughter and son, they have operated Kittentanz Cattery as a full-time business. Michelle’s professional background is in science. After working on research projects including a number of cleaning products, Michelle is happy to apply her expertise to keeping the Kittentanz facilities safe and sanitary. She also draws upon her extensive history as a breeder to manage the Kittentanz breeding program, carefully selecting new male and female adults to improve the bloodlines. When Kittentanz females are ready to give birth, Michelle is there to assist, also calling in the couple’s veterinarian if necessary. Kittentanz vaccinates, deworms, and spays or neuters its kittens prior to releasing them for purchase, with Michelle arranging all this medical care. In addition, she has the duty of ensuring that all Kittentanz kittens are fully socialized before sending them to their new homes. Bill’s previous career focused on information technology, though he has also worked as a photographer. Currently, Bill leverages both of these skill sets for the benefit of Kittentanz Cattery; he maintains the business’s website, www.kittentanz.com, and is responsible for most of the images that enliven its pages. Bill also manages the logistics of keeping Kittentanz supplied with food, litter, and other necessaries, and of delivering kittens to their new owners. A true family business, Kittentanz Cattery also enlists the help of the couple’s children, who enjoy helping socialize the kittens by playing with them.



Proprietor / Breeder

At Kittentanz Cattery

From January 1995 to Present

Proprietor / Cat Breeder

At Kittentanz

From 1982 to Present

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