LadyEve Domme

LadyEve Domme

Dominatrix, web designer, videographer, photographer, Lady Eve Productions

Currently employed at Lady Eve Productions


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    I am a sexy mature blonde woman who is highly educated, attractive, personable, an entrepeneur and adult personality. I have held SUCCESSFUL professional careers for years in sales, social work and education and then began to dabble in the adult world. I had a site on a place called and I guess you would say that was my beginning. From there, things just kind of took off with no real plan of their own, until I ended up on many websites, with sites of my own, in magazines and all over the internet. I have had to face some hard questions about my choices, yet my children (grown now with kids of their own) supported my idea as long as it made me happy and I could make some money at it. In the process, I have ironically, learned skills such as video editing, photography, web design,data recovery, videography and have fine-tuned my writing skills. These are being applied to other areas of my life and have geared me in other career directions.



Dominatrix, web designer, videographer, photographer

At Lady Eve Productions

From 2003 to Present

Augusta State University, Augusta

Bachelors and Masters, Augusta State University

From January 1983 to April 1997
Psychology, marketing, criminal justice - I went back more than once to finish degrees, so the timeframe is from the beginning, with splits, to the end.


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