Vahan Karabajakian

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, L.A. Weight Loss Centers

Fremont, United States

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About him

As the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of L.A. Weight Loss Centers, Vahan Karabajakian provided valuable leadership to the national chain’s mission of assisting people all across the U.S. in losing weight. Under Mr. Karabajakian’s leadership, L.A. Weight Loss was one of the fastest expanding weight loss initiatives in the world. The impressive growth of the company mirrored Vahan Karabajakian’s business philosophy of staying competitive in an ever evolving marketplace by never relaxing or becoming too complacent. As Chairman, Mr. Karabajakian viewed success by long-term growth, and envisioned the company would one day reach markets all across the country.

As someone who considers himself very driven, Vahan Karabajakian has learned the valuable lesson of remaining patient, despite his desire to quickly accomplish his goals. While Mr. Karabajakian admits his greatest fear is a loss of control, he also understands that the highs and lows in life can often be misleading and that the right perspective can often provide the necessary context that most situations demand. Mr. Karabajakian finds himself intrigued by others driven to succeed, and lists the late Steve Jobs as someone he would have greatly enjoyed meeting. Mr. Karabajakian’s favorite aspect of his former position, dealing with others, made it difficult when the demands of his position as CEO required him to let an employee go.

Currently, Mr. Karabajakian serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the business consulting firm 1803 Limited Partnership, located in Marco Island, Florida. In this role, he advises business owners on a variety of ways they can grow their business, and encourages them to consider expanding into new markets.