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Tristan Curry

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    GA Proposal Legal Shield Broker Broker Agreement For Professionals or agencies allows established brokers to market Legal Shield’s products directly to their clients, along with the other products/service benefits that are already part of their offering. Commissions are paid as a percentage of the membership fee, ranging from 16 to 48 % * Dedicated Commission Plan * Ongoing residual income * Lifetime renewals * No sales quotas * No assigned territories * No underwriting requirements * No continuing education required Tools and Support and Paperless Enrollment contact Teresa Lee, Marketing/Business Development, Yirga & Associates,LLC. says Tristan Curry is a highly professional man who has sincere passion and belief in himself and his company. He is an excellent networker and source for guidance in all details of events and conferences dealing with building your business. An honest and sincere individual who looks out for the other guy as well when looking out for himself." I applaud you for your dedication to connecting others. I wish I had your energy.



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Do your clients ever ask you for legal advice? Now they can speak with an Attorney as long as they want Value for the Sophisticated Investor Ask LegalShield Have you ever needed a quick answer to a legal question? With Ask LegalShield, you...
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