Tom Redmond Aussie

Tom Redmond Aussie

Tom Redmond, Aussie Founder, Enjoys a Variety of Hobbies

Currently employed at Wolf Springs Ranches



    A graduate of Lewis University, Tom Redmond is an accomplished entrepreneur within the hair-care industry. Well known as the founder of Aussie hair-care products, he is currently the owner of Wolf Springs Ranch and the president of the salon hair-care company Onesta. In the former position, he spent over a decade raising cattle and buffalo and raising and breeding half-Arabian and Arabian horses for competition. He is now in the process of selling the 55,500-acre Colorado ranch. In the latter position, the Aussie founder oversees company vision and product development. Under Tom Redmond’s leadership, Onesta manufactures natural, chemical-free hair-care products that are FDA, EU, and PETA-approved. In his free time, Mr. Redmond enjoys a variety of hobbies and activities. He is in the process of writing a children’s book about Easter and is fond of reading various history books, particularly those about World War II, the Indian Wars, and the Civil War. An avid traveler, he particularly enjoys visiting Hawaii for its climate, beauty, and friendly population. Outside of his work and hobbies, Mr. Redmond believes in supporting his community. He donates to various organizations, and he individually donates to groups such as the Westcliffe Center for Performing Arts in Colorado.




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From January 2000 to Present


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