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Tom Johnson

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    For 20 years, Tom Johnson has acted as Chief Executive Officer of the Virginia Beach, Virginia, firm Media Communications Corporation. At the company he founded, Johnson enables direct marketing clients to improve their profitability by advising them in global business-to-consumer sales and customer service. Entities that partner with Media Communications Corp. acquire a full range of revenue enhancement options that encompass customer acquisition, monetization, and retention. The strategies employed by Tom Johnson focus on direct marketing. Although his company started by finding buyers for subscription agreements, over the past several years, it has moved into Internet- and mobile-based direct marketing for various brands of prepaid consumer legal services, cost-effective health plans, identity theft protection, members-only discount shopping programs, and travel clubs. Aware of the value placed on information protection, Tom Johnson also provides PCI Compliant data security to clients. Since its inception, the company has created millions of consumer relationships for its clients. More information about Johnson's business can be found at Recently, Tom Johnson entered into another business endeavor in Cebu City, Philippines. His latest venture functions as a sister company to Media Communications Corp. and offers call center and back office services. It assists clients by offering customer service, collections, billing, fulfillment, accounting, web design, and programming activities. When not tending to Media Communications Corp. or his new business, Tom Johnson enjoys biking, basketball, racquetball, snowboarding, and skiing. His charity interests and contributions include the American Cancer Society and his service as a founding team member of the CBS Hope Center, a recently announced initiative breaking ground in mid-2012. The CBS Hope Center will serve homeless families in Cebu City, Philippines, with a focus on crisis intervention and short-term stabilization. Tom Johnson’s objective in his work with the charity is to facilitate permanent housing and to empower individuals and families.




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