Tom Hess

Tom Hess

Owner/President, Tom Hess Music Corporation

Cary, United States

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  • Guitar
  • Music

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Guitar Guitar Lessons Music

About him

A professional musician whose early influences include Van Halen and Metallica, Tom Hess has also earned recognition as a composer and teacher. He is the Owner and President of Tom Hess Music Corporation in Cary, Illinois. Offering online guitar lessons, Tom Hess has given thousands of music lessons, reaching students around the world, teaching them both how to play the guitar and read music. He offers instruction in improvisation training, how to write guitar solos, concepts for rock lead guitar solos, mastering guitar solos, and performing rock and metal guitar licks. He also leads classes for arpeggio phrasing for advancing metal players.

Tom Hess dedicates additional time and energy to music career mentoring and coaching other guitar teachers online. As a mentor, he guides students and other musicians in identifying and reaching their personal and musical goals in a short time. Using his professional experience, Tom Hess provides invaluable career counsel and assistance to musicians of all types, while also incorporating business advice and wisdom.

Tom Hess possesses an extensive background as a professional musician. He toured with HolyHell, a band that played on the Heaven and Hell tour with Black Sabbath. Tom Hess has also played alongside with Epica, Motorhead, and Nightwish. Having performed in front of tens of thousands of people, Tom Hess recently joined Rhapsody of Fire in 2011. He and the band recorded an album called From Chaos to Eternity that was released in June 2011. Tom Hess, a successful composer, also started an instrumental band, HESS, which has released two albums. To read more, see