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    I'm a writer, Interfaith Minister, Life Coach, and traveler. Born in Los Angeles, I'm the daughter of Motion Picture Director/Writer/Producer, Tay Garnett and actress, Mari Aldon. I've written a memoir about my childhood, yet to be published. I own a home in Lakeville, Connecticut and spend several months every year in Paris, where I have friends and family. I have two children: Tay, 28, born in France, and Chloe, 20, born in New York. I'm currently hard at work on my website, www.aparisstateofmind.com and looking to raise funding to publish a double-memoir: My father's (already published) LIGHT YOUR TORCHES AND PULL UP YOUR TIGHTS and my own, together in one volume.


The New Seminary, New York

Minister of Spiritual Counseling, The New Seminary

From January 1995 to January 1996
World Religions and Multicultural Ceremonies - Studied all major world religions with a view toward working within numerous traditions. Qualified to perform marriages, funerals, baby-namings and other ceremonies and rites of passage. Qualified to offer spiritual counseling, guidance and...
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UCLA, Los Angeles

None, Motion Picture Department

From September 1973 to March 1977
Studied filmmaking and screenplay writing.


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