Tiela Garnett

Tiela Garnett

Writer, Freelance

East Hartford, United States

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Her background

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  • The New Seminary

    Minister of Spiritual Counseling
    World Religions and Multicultural Ceremonies - Studied all major world religions with a view toward working within numerous traditions. Qualified to perform marriages, funerals, baby-namings and other ceremonies and rites of passage. Qualified to offer spiritual counseling, guidance and life-coaching.
  • , Los Angeles

    Motion Picture Department

    Studied filmmaking and screenplay writing.

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Her skills

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  • International
  • Life Coach
  • Spirituality

Her languages

  • French

    Her hobbies

    Language literature art film music poetry gastronomy oenology travel spirituality laughter the human connection.

    About her

    I'm a writer, Interfaith Minister, Life Coach, and traveler. Born in Los Angeles, I'm the daughter of Motion Picture Director/Writer/Producer, Tay Garnett and actress, Mari Aldon. I've written a memoir about my childhood, yet to be published. I own a home in Lakeville, Connecticut and spend several months every year in Paris, where I have friends and family. I have two children: Tay, 28, born in France, and Chloe, 20, born in New York. I'm currently hard at work on my website, www.aparisstateofmind.com and looking to raise funding to publish a double-memoir: My father's (already published) LIGHT YOUR TORCHES AND PULL UP YOUR TIGHTS and my own, together in one volume.

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