Thomas Marko

Development Coordinator , Miami-Dade County

Miami, United States

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  • Today

    Development Coordinator

    Miami-Dade County

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  • Coordinator

About him

Thomas Marko possesses more than two decades of experience working in county government and the private sector. Currently, he serves as Development Coordinator with Miami-Dade County in Florida, which includes the Everglades and Biscayne National Parks. As a result, Thomas Marko has accumulated an impressive amount of experience with environmental issues. In one of his first positions with the County, Marko helped manage the solid waste program and thus interacted regularly with the County's Department of Environmental Resources Management.

In the position of Assistant to the County Manager, Thomas Marko helped oversee the Department of Environmental Resources Management. Additionally, he became involved in issues relating to rock mining, a major business in Miami-Dade County. He strived to balance the needs of the business with the needs for sustainability of the environment and drinking water. In his present position, Thomas Marko reviews and expedites proposals for development and construction, considering issues relating to zoning, platting, and infrastructure. He also works alongside the County’s sustainability staff, offering assistance with policy and local laws.

In addition to operating in Miami-Dade County, Thomas Marko spent some time as a small business owner in Florida, directing National Agenda Corporation. This company marketed city and county governments' best practices across America and provided customers with information about these practices. In order to share his research, Marko created a newsletter and managed a website. Additionally, Thomas Marko served as Director of Operations at First American Railways, Inc. In this position, he ensured that scenic train operators had access to locomotives, guest cars, and railroads, as well as insurance and other services. He also functioned as the Operations Director for the holding company of the Florida Fun-Train.