Thomas Bentey

Thomas Bentey

Founder and Owner, Suburbanite Productions

Currently employed at Suburbanite Productions



    The owner and founder of Suburbanite Productions, Thomas Bentey has worked in film and media since 2007. Before founding his own production company in 2009, he freelanced as an Associate Producer for the Cablevision-owned local news channel, News 12 New Jersey. In addition to writing news stories and editing camera footage, he also researched various news topics and suggested story ideas to producers. Thomas Bentey also supplied the scripts for the channel’s live broadcasts and was responsible for making sure that all reporters, directors, and producers had copies of the current script. Previously, Thomas Bentey had worked for the United Nations University and City Squirrel Films. As a Director for the United Nations University, Mr. Bentey worked on a delegate talk show and conference, which was made available through the UN website. In addition to setting up and operating lights, cameras, and audio equipment, he also edited the footage and supervised a four-person crew. At City Squirrel Films, Thomas Bentey worked as a Production Assistant for the feature Calling It Quits, and was responsible for scheduling five actors over ten locations so that the entire script could be filmed in 30 days. Most recently, Thomas Bentey completed his first feature-length film, At the Jersey Shore, a movie that mirrors his own experiences as a native of the East Coast state, one who aspired to leave home and move to New York City. Mr. Bentey also recently completed a graduate degree in Media Studies and Communications at The New School in New York City, having previously earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey.



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