Thomas V Conwell

Thomas V Conwell

Director of Business Development, Biovation Environmental Services, Inc.,

San Jose, United States

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His background

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About him

An entrepreneur and leader in the finance industry, Thomas V. Conwell serves Biovation Environmental Services, Inc., as director of business development. The company utilizes the latest in technology and green manufacturing to develop infection control and non-woven fiber products. In his directorial role, Thomas V. Conwell collaborates with federal and state agencies to clean properties using environmentally friendly methods.

Thomas V. Conwell received a bachelor of science in finance and communications from St. Cloud University. Subsequently, he continued his education at the Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, where he studied portfolio management. During the 1990s, he shared his knowledge of finance and business on Value Vantage, a weekly television program where he engaged in question and answer sessions concerning relevant topics.

More recently, Thomas V. Conwell entered into a partnership with Wink News Radio to produce Ask An Expert, a weekly radio program where he answers questions and invites guests to discuss various subjects. Since beginning, his program has achieved the highest ratings for its timeslot.

Thomas V. Conwell's entrepreneurial experience dates back to 2004, when he founded Old Naples, a business consulting firm. Prior to joining Biovation, he held other leadership positions such as executive director of the Florida Professionals Association.