Tess Elsworthy

Tess Elsworthy

Assistante a la recherche, Clinique OPUS

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    As an assistant research coordinator for Clinique OPUS in Montreal, Canada, Tess Elsworthy organizes clinical trials of antiretroviral medications. She handles such duties as interviewing study participants and managing the inventory of drugs under investigation. Also responsible for maintaining compliance with procedural guidelines, she works in collaboration with third-party observers to monitor studies in progress. Earlier in her career with Clinique OPUS, Tess Elsworthy worked as a receptionist and performed tasks ranging from verifying appointments and registering patients to assisting doctors in the use of the electronic medical records database. A recent graduate of McGill University, Tess Elsworthy earned a BA in history with a minor in education. She served as a research assistant to Professor Jarrett Rudy during her final semester at McGill and won the 2015 James McGill Society Award for Archival Research. Among her work as a research assistant, Ms. Elsworthy assembled an exhaustive bibliography of works published between 2000 and 2015 to be used as a reference for an undergraduate class on the history of tobacco throughout the world. Before attending McGill, Tess Elsworthy received her first BA in political science from the University of Alberta. She has previously helped people with hearing disabilities make telephone calls through the California Relay Service and i711.com as a relay operator for Nordia. In her free time, she enjoys baking and reading books by such authors as Shani Mootoo, Margaret Atwood, and Carol Rifka Brunt.


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At Clinique OPUS

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