Tanya Taupier

Tanya Taupier

Tanya Taupier - Guiding HR Operations at Aetna in Hartford, CT

Hartford, United States

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Her background

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Her skills

  • Change Management
  • Culture Initiatives
  • Executive Coaching
  • Human Capital Development
  • Human Resource Strategy
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Organizational Consulting
  • Talent Development
  • Team Development

Her hobbies

Horseback RidingArt HistoryExerciseMeditationHiking

About her

With experience in human resources extending more than a decade, Tanya Taupier serves as executive director with Aetna in Hartford, Connecticut. In this position, she sets in place talent strategies that tie directly to corporate objectives and anticipates human capital needs that depend upon market and business conditions. Tanya Taupier has driven efforts that significantly improved employee engagement and set in place retention steps that reduced turnover.

Ms. Taupier graduated magna cum laude from Western New England University, where she earned a BS in human resources. She subsequently completed a graduate degree in project management at George Washington University.

As a human capital partner with the UnitedHealth Group in Hartford in the early 2000s, Ms. Taupier provided business leaders with HR consulting services that met their strategic goals. Her areas of focus ranged from employee relations to mergers and acquisitions, and she also advised in areas of compensation and workforce planning. Ms. Taupier's initiatives included the offshoring of shared-service operations, which led to significant cost savings and customer service improvements.