Tamara Nascimento

Tamara Nascimento

Vice President, Director of Multiple Companies

Currently employed at Director of Multiple Companies



    Vice president of several Angolan companies, Tamara Nascimento plays a key role in coordinating services for a number of government divisions and private entities. She maintains a comprehensive client base that includes not only Angola's Ministry of Health and Ministry of the Interior, but also such key projects as the reformulation of the Angolan Activities Issuance of Identity and Modernization of Criminal Record service. Primarily engaged in overseeing the development of technological and communications systems, Tamara Nascimento strives to offer services that optimize processing and administrative efficiency. Primarily owned by Tamara Nascimento's husband, Gerson de Souza Nascimento, these companies have experienced steady success since their founding in the early 2000s. Altogether, this set of six companies employs a total of 1,000 individuals. Also secondarily responsible for an additional 2,000 jobs, these companies promote infrastructure development and social welfare by creating new opportunities. Dedicated to long-term development and the well-being of the Angolan people, Ms. Nascimento and her husband also work to create scholarships for youth across the country and beyond.



Vice President

At Director of Multiple Companies

From 2013 to Present


  • Vice President