Suzanne Itani

Suzanne Itani

CE0, International Exports Inc.

United States

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About her

International Exports CEO Suzanne Itani has been involved in the export business over much of the course of her career. From 1993 to 2010, she served as chief financial officer for International Exports Affiliates. Prior to 1993 she worked in both the auditing and industry and was certified as a Certified Public Account in 1990 while with KPMG, an industry leader in auditing, tax, and consultancy.

Over the course of her tenure, Suzanne Itani has helped in establishing a new branch in Dubai and growing International Exports from a small start-up into a market leader with tens of millions in sales. Prior to entering the export world, she participated in both private industries and public accounting where she served as an auditor with KPMG both domestically and internationally.

Suzanne Itani studied at Mississippi State University, where she received her bachelor of professional accountancy. She was also certified as a public accountant in the state of Texas and has completed further education in Arabic studies at the University of California at Berkeley and Rice University.