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Suzan Hughes


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    Suzan Hughes is an actress and entrepreneur in the health and wellness industry. Certified as a fitness expert by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Suzan Hughes is the founder and CEO of Suzan Hughes Enterprises, a leading manufacturer of health and fitness products. In 2007, Suzan Hughes introduced ROLLERMAX, an innovative device designed to optimize strength training and flexibility in everyday exercise routines. Additionally, Suzan Hughes is the creator of the fitness video Take 10 to a Better You which was met with rave reviews upon its release. A portion of the proceeds from the Take 10 to a Better You video and ROLLERMAX sales are donated to organizations supporting needy children such as Children Uniting Nations, where Suzan Hughes also volunteers as a mentor for orphaned youth. Suzan Hughes balances her work as an advocate for physical fitness and child welfare with a number of other charitable causes, most notably the Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF), a nonprofit organization that she co-founded with Mark Hughes in 1994. Suzan Hughes’ extensive charity work bespeaks a genuine commitment to social service and she remains deeply committed to these pursuits. Suzan Hughes is also widely recognized as a gifted actress and media personality, a role she uses to promote the aforementioned causes close to her heart. Having appeared in numerous television shows and films, Suzan Hughes’ fit physique is instantly recognizable. In the past few years, Ms. Hughes has been featured in reality television shows such as Victoria Beckham: Coming to America and Million Dollar Listing on NBC. Suzan Hughes was also featured in Shape Magazine as a fitness expert. A woman of many talents and interests, Ms. Hughes is also a political mover and shaker. She has supported bipartisan political initiatives such as ocean conservation campaign. Holding fundraisers at her home for political luminaries such as Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Senator Barbara Boxer, Suzan Hughes exemplifies her own belief that happiness and well-being are a product of a full life that is well lived.





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