Suresh Doki

Suresh Doki

CEO, Paragon Systems, LLC

San Jose, United States

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About him

Suresh Doki serves as CEO and Member Manager for a systems integrator based in Herndon, Virginia. Doki has an extensive background in founding and growing entrepreneurial ventures, particularly those associated with information technology (IT) and with a focus on health care and life sciences. Launching his first venture, Cambridge Technologies, Inc., with two associates in 1996 in Reston, Virginia, Suresh Doki then founded Cambridge Software Systems, Inc. Acquiring the assets of the original company, he grew his startup in a three-year period to a company employing more than 250 IT professionals.

Diversifying into the government market in 2000, Suresh Doki chose this time to incorporate health care and life sciences into his portfolio. Forging Cambridge’s way into this viable area, he obtained a subcontract with a minority contractor for a prime contract with the National Institutes of Health. Additionally, he acquired an interest in a minority-owned business to procure government contracts. In 2005, Suresh Doki opened a professional service to bring health care staffing from the Philippines to fill a shortage in the United States. He also began acquiring companies involved in IT, health care, and life sciences, including allied health outsourcing Terra Health, Inc. With strong marketing and experienced oversight, his businesses saw rapid rates of growth.

Relocating from India to the United States to pursue higher education, Suresh Doki earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). He then worked for WPI and several other companies in systems analysis, programming, design, development, and implementation before creating his own companies.