Sue Katra

Sue Katra

Care Manager with Senior Life Solutions SV

Currently employed at Senior Life Solutions SV, Trusted Solutions Los Gatos

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    A dedicated senior care manager with many years of experience in the geriatric care sector, Sue Katra currently works with Senior Life Solutions SV in Los Gatos, California. In this capacity, she delivers a diverse range of services and assistance for seniors and individuals with special needs. As a care manager with Senior Life Solutions, Sue Katra regularly finds appropriate housing and caregivers for clients, advocates for patients, ensures proper levels of home safety, and helps patients maximize health and wellness. She also acts as a health-care agent and performs health and care assessments. Aside from her formal work with Senior Life Solutions, Sue Katra cofounded the Santa Clara County Special Games for students with physical handicaps. In recognition of her contributions to the community, Kiwanis International and Parents Helping Parents granted her awards for “outstanding service to the special needs community.” Katra holds a master of arts and two bachelor of science degrees from San Jose State University, where she studied psychology, human performance, and physical education.




At Senior Life Solutions SV

From 2011 to Present


At Trusted Solutions Los Gatos

From April 2007 to Present

Adaptive PE Specialist

At Santa Clara Office of Education

From January 1985 to January 2005