Shane Whittle

Shane Whittle

CEO, Mellow Bars Inc

Vancouver, United States

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    Mellow Bars Inc

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    Managing Partner

    Marley Coffee

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His hobbies

Marley Coffee Coffee Brand Management Sales Marketing Farming Coffee Soccer

About him

Shane Whittle serves as the co-founder and Managing Partner of Marley Coffee LLC, an organic coffee company sourced in part from the farmland in Portland, Jamaica, owned by Bob Marley’s family and his company. When Whittle established the business in 2007 with his friend Rohan Marley, son of the legendary singer Bob Marley, he envisioned a high-quality great tasting product that would be farmed using sustainable practices and without the use of pesticides. The result of Shane Whittle’s efforts is a great tasting coffee that includes shade-grown Jamaica Blue Mountain beans from the Marley farm. Whittle also spent years traveling the globe meeting farmers and their families to learn about other coffees grown in other climates. The company also sources from Ethiopia, Central and South America, and other coffee-rich regions.

In addition to being Certified Organic, Marley Coffee is “FTO” Fair Trade Certified, which means small farmers are treated fairly without excessive “middlemen” to chip away at growers’ profits. Shane Whittle has developed another seal of quality which he calls ITAL, a Rastafarian word which means pure, and which he adds to qualifying Marley Coffee products. An active visionary and investor, Whittle is always interested in new ideas for products, businesses, and organizations. His most recent creation is Mellow Bars Inc., a natural relaxation snack with a proprietary blend of ingredients that reduces stress.

Shane Whittle and his business partner are also enthusiastic about several charities, including their own nonprofit Kicks For Cause Foundation, which helps fund the creation of functional soccer fields and soccer camps for children in coffee-growing regions. Shane Whittle and Rohan Marley established Kicks For Cause so that children in impoverished communities can enjoy the emotional and health benefits of playing soccer instead of suffering the woes of child labor. For more information about the Kicks For Cause Foundation, please visit

When not working on his business and charitable projects, Shane Whittle enjoys camping, and playing soccer and is always up for a great game of poker.