Sean Keem

Sean Keem

Medical Director, Keem Spine Institute, P.C.

Currently employed at Keem Spine Institute, P.C.


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    For the last 11 years, Dr. Sean Keem has treated patients in metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, from as far away as the Carolinas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi who suffer from degenerative back conditions, fractured spines and injured spinal cords, scoliosis, and arthritis. At the Keem Spine Institute, P.C., Dr. Keem uses the latest surgical techniques to provide his patients with decreased pain, increased comfort, and a return to a more active lifestyle. Dr. Sean Keem is a skilled surgeon, but he does not believe that surgery provides the answer to every back problem. To improve care and treatment outcomes, he carefully evaluates each patient before presenting options and encourages the people who visit his clinic to take an active role in making decisions about their health care. Dr. Sean Keem’s progressive methods and attention to detail have garnered the attention of local media outlets, including newspapers and television stations. The Keem Spine Institute’s motto is “Where patient well-being is first and foremost,” and Dr. Sean Keem advocates for minimally invasive surgical procedures whenever they are indicated and offers a wide array of modern surgical technologies. He chooses the best surgical option depending on the nature of the pathology and the physical and psychological demands of each patient, believing that not one surgical option can be applied to all spinal problems. Performing over 300 surgeries every year, Dr. Keem is one of the Southeast’s most experienced spinal surgeons. Dr. Sean Keem has specialized in spinal surgery since 1999. He completed a fellowship in spine surgery after he finished his residency in orthopedic surgery and has practiced in metropolitan Atlanta since then. He performed the first Charite artificial disc replacement surgery in the Atlanta area and has completed more artificial disc replacement procedures for the cervical and lumbar spine since than any other doctor in Georgia. Dr. Keem specializes in minimally invasive surgeries like XLIF (Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion), AxiaLIF (Axial Lumbar Interbody Fusion), and endoscopic spinal decompression and fusion. These procedures allow a surgeon to approach the spine through a less than 1 inch to 1.5 inch incision, minimizing blood loss, tissue damage, and recovery time, as long as a patient’s anatomy allows the specific approach. In recent years, Dr. Sean Keem has also mastered the AxiaLIF technique, which is designed to reach damaged discs in the lumbar region of the spine. When he performs an AxiaLIF spinal fusion, Dr. Keem approaches the spine by making an incision near the tailbone, allowing him to avoid damaging muscles and ligaments as he fuses the spinal column. Dr. Keem performed the first AxiaLIF procedure in metropolitan Atlanta and has performed more AxiaLIF surgeries than any other practitioner in Georgia.



Medical Director

At Keem Spine Institute, P.C.

From 2002 to Present
•Extensive experience in Spinal Surgery. •Trains and is involved in educating other surgeons in new and advanced spine surgery techniques. •He performs 300 plus spine cases per year. •Highest volume Kyphoplasty surgeon in Gwinnett, completed first Kyphoplasty in Georgia. •Continually educated...
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