Scott Kreuser

Wireless Engineer, Silver Spring Networks

Racine, United States

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    Wireless Engineer

    Silver Spring Networks

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About him

Scott Kreuser is a proven leader in computer system analysis, network engineering, project management, and international relations. With over 23 years of experience in the technology industry, Scott Kreuser specializes in hands-on engineering projects, organizing and leading teams in order to deliver successful products and innovative solutions. A resident of Miami, Florida, Scott Kreuser is currently working on an engineering project in Miami, where he is responsible for deploying and maintaining the Silver Spring Network for the Advanced Distribution Automation of Florida Power and Light's new smart energy grid.

After pursuing his Bachelor's degree with a specialization in Business Administration and Management Information Systems at Southwest Texas State University, Scott Kreuser began his career working for Dell Computer Corporation as a Project Manager for new products. Over an eight-year period, Scott Kreuser developed and launched hundreds of new hardware and software products for Dell Computer Corporation, including desktop personal computers (PCs), notebooks, servers, customer applications, and firmware. Scott Kreuser then joined NABI Networks, Incorporated, where he spearheaded 802.11 wireless development, spurring the implementation and management of wireless local area networks.

In 2007, Scott Kreuser worked as an Independent Wireless Security Consultant, providing advice on wireless network design and implementation, conducting site surveys, and implementing security for clients such as AT&T, the City of Hope Hospital, Raytheon, Endeavor Telecom, IP Access, and Neiman Marcus. Scott Kreuser continued his consulting business with E2 Systems, Incorporated, a company that develops and manufactures fully interactive financial kiosks. Beginning in 2008, Scott Kreuser worked with AT&T to provide 802.11 Internet access in the Hilton Hotels worldwide. In this capacity, he was affiliated with Technisource, Incorporated, and NCR Global Network Solutions, Incorporated. Scott Kreuser then took his knowledge of wireless technology to General Dynamics/JIS Technology, Incorporated, consulting on a contract with the United States Veterans Administration.