Scott Kimple

Scott Kimple

Principal, Portfolio Manager, and commodity trading advisor (CTA), Warrington Asset Management, LLC

Currently employed at Warrington Asset Management



    Scott Kimple serves as Principal, Portfolio Manager, and commodity trading advisor (CTA) at Warrington Asset Management, LLC. He visited the American Stock Exchange floor with his father as a pre-teen and began trading by age 16. As a college student, Scott Kimple traded futures in between classes. After a family lawyer introduced him to CTA and broker Stan Finney of Shearson Lehman Brothers, he worked with him to conduct a technical analysis study as a graduate student. Scott Kimple began his postgraduate career at Shearson trading Standard & Poor (S&P) futures options and reporting to Finney. He remained with the company through various mergers, becoming a Vice President and Financial Consultant at Smith Barney before founding Warrington in 1993. In his early years, Scott Kimple traded aggressively, earning returns of 49 percent in 1993 and 66 percent in 1994. This aggressive approach incurred a high level of risk, as well, and in the mid-1990s he experienced significant losses. Scott Kimple used the experience to refine his approach. Instead of forcing trades, he shifted to risk control. The new system offers a combination of technical strategy and fundamentals. He follows market indicators, economic reports, and impending Federal Reserve moves, but also relies on personal observation, which came into play on a vacation in Brazil when the country floated its currency. While the United States’ stock market reacted negatively, he saw the Brazilian economy thriving and traded accordingly, earning a return of 6.77 percent that month. Scott Kimple keeps a trading journal as an educational tool for managing the Warrington FUND LP. The record provides perspective, enabling him to continually hone his approach. The financial-sector executive also utilizes custom software to monitor trades and statistics to identify problems and opportunities. Scott Kimple earned a Bachelor of Business Administration at Southern Methodist University. He also received a Master of Business Administration from the institution, focusing on finance and derivative securities in the latter course of study.



Principal, Portfolio Manager, and commodity trading advisor (CTA)

At Warrington Asset Management

From 1995 to Present