Schwartz Mike

Schwartz Mike

CEO, Truth Financial Service

Tampa, United States

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His background

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    Truth Financial Service

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    August 2005
    April 1989


    +5000 employees

    I work as an accountant and auditing unit, it was great working with the oil and gas sector
  • Today
    August 2005
    April 1989


    +5000 employees

    I work as an accountant and auditing unit, it was great working with the oil and gas sector

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His skills

  • Chartered Accountant
  • Project Management Office
  • Project Management
  • Project finance
  • Project coordination
  • Office Management
  • Office administration
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Financial planning
  • Financial controlling
  • Corporate Finance
  • Unity 3D

His languages

  • English
  • Russian

    His hobbies

    ClientsBorrowerinternal communicationinvestors

    About him

    Truth Financial Service was one of the very first mortgage companies licensed by the Commonwealth of Canada was a founder member of the Commonwealth in 1931 when its independence was recognized under the Statute of Westminster, and Arnold Smith of Canada was the first Commonwealth Secretary-General (1965–75). in 1990; Rohinton Misty (born in Bombay, India), in 1992 and 1996; and Lawrence Hill, in 2008. The Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management has its HQ in Ottawa, the Commonwealth of Learning in Vancouver and the Commonwealth Journalists Association in Toronto.(License 2013765899LB), The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, U.S. Department of HUD, and The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and my office is currently located in Ontario Canada and branch in west Virginia USA..

    As a Private company that conducts business primarily by referral, Truth Financial Service is dependent on our satisfied customers to refer friends family and investors in need of our loan services. A satisfied customer is not only our wish but a necessity - from the loan application to the closing and beyond.

    Our staff of top-notch professionals work from our convenient in Ontario, CANADA location, we deliver the kind of real-time results you may need in today's market. Once you've experienced Truth Financial Service'‚Äč exceptional service for yourself, you'll understand why our services has worked so well for us-and for all of our satisfied customers.

    We offer all kind of loans,personal loans,business loans and commercial loans with flexible terms and no prepay paid penalty and all loans are unsecured with interest loan rate of 0.4% monthly and usually a business plan are needed to be previewed.

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