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    Attorney Sanjay Chaubey began his education in India at the University of Delhi, where he received his Bachelor of Arts, graduating with honors. He also earned his Bachelor of Laws from the University of Delhi. In 1995, Sanjay Chaubey graduated from the Pace Law School in White Plains, New York, earning his Master’s degree in Environmental Law. Founded in 2000, the Law Offices of Sanjay Chaubey has provided its services in corporate law, immigration law, real estate law, business transactions, and other fields to corporations, individuals, and relatively small companies in the South Asia business community. A select group of top-notch attorneys at his law firm provide personalized interaction with clients, meeting the specific needs of each company. Located in the Empire State Building in central Manhattan, the firm offers services to major companies in the U.S. and internationally. An expert in litigation, Sanjay Chaubey takes on court cases for a wide range of clients. He also manages the firm’s offices, ensuring that the team of licensed and proficient attorneys functions smoothly. Mr. Chaubey has managed billion-dollar trade contracts and million-dollar real estate transactions, as well as directed the law firm’s marketing processes. Prior to his work as President of the Law Offices of Sanjay Chaubey, Mr. Chaubey was an associate focusing on alternative dispute resolution for Prudential Financial, Inc. His role entailed analyzing client complaints and resolving claims accordingly. While with Prudential Financial, Sanjay Chaubey additionally conducted legal research. A respected attorney and legal researcher, Sanjay Chaubey contributed two chapters for publications in 1996. One of the publications, entitled International Environmental Law and Regulation, was published by Butterworth Legal Publishers. Oceana published his other piece of writing, which focused on Indian environmental law.




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