Russell Negus

Founder and Executive Chairman , Abacus Private Equity

Dallas, United States

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    Founder and Executive Chairman

    Abacus Private Equity

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  • Business Entrepreneur

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    agricultural sectornamely viticulture

    About him

    Born in Durban, South Africa, Russell Negus became a successful entrepreneur in Canada, beginning with investments in residential and commercial real estate developments. He later entered the agricultural sector, focusing on mergers and acquisitions. With a growing business portfolio, Mr. Negus founded Abacus Private Equity, an independent investment enterprise that now has offices in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Its cross-functional staff of 40 evaluates and completes acquisitions for the company, which has holdings in oil and gas, heavy equipment, and real estate throughout Canada, the U.S., and Australia.

    Mr. Negus serves as Executive Chairman of Abacus Private Equity, an investment and financial advisory company that operates several acquisition groups and a financial division with an internal trading operation managing proprietary commodities and a currency hedge book. The firm holds aggregate assets exceeding $5.5 billion.

    Russell Negus maintains an interest in agricultural, especially viticulture. Through his association with Whiskey River Ranch Winery in Napa Valley, California, he has become knowledgeable about custom winemaking.