Roxane Marenberg

Roxane Marenberg

VP, Deputy General Counsel , Cisco Systems, Inc

Fair Oaks, United States

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Her background

  • Today
    January 2010

    VP, Deputy General Counsel

    Cisco Systems, Inc

    Roxane Marenberg is VP, Deputy General Counsel, Global Compliance Enablement (GCE) at Cisco Systems, Inc. She is responsible for the design, implementation and oversight of Cisco’s global legal and regulatory compliance program. GCE includes 70 + persons responsible for enabling the establishment and sustainability of practical and effective functional and country compliance programs tied to Cisco’s business objectives coordinated and aligned across Cisco’s internal compliance network with both the program elements of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and the 17 COSO 2013 principles.

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Her skills

  • Employment Law

About her

An award-winning labor and employment lawyer, Roxane Marenberg serves as the vice president and deputy general counsel for global compliance enablement at Cisco Systems, Inc., in San Jose, California. Her duties include supporting over 70 people on teams enabling Cisco’s brand protection, compliance governance, and ethics around the world. Roxane Marenberg also oversees investigations into service abuse and financial fraud and protects Cisco’s intellectual property rights. Moreover, she works with Cisco’s audit committee and top-level executives, offering observations and providing advice on remediating any gaps related to compliance, as well as regulatory and legal risks faced by the company.

Roxane Marenberg has been at Cisco for nearly a decade, during which time she has been sought out for her expertise multiple times by organizations outside the company. In an article in Inside Counsel published in 2010, the same year she was named “Best Labor & Employment Lawyer” by two publications in California, she was quoted multiple times in a case study about her experience in managing Cisco’s employment-related legal concerns. In the same year, Ms. Marenberg participated in a roundtable discussion on how in-house lawyers could work with outside lawyers and manage a company’s risk of suffering claims or class actions related to local and federal wage and hours' laws.

Outside of her work with Cisco, Roxane Marenberg serves on the Board of Directors of Abilities United, a nonprofit organization that offers support to adults and children with developmental disabilities, providing lifelong services to those it assists. Ms. Marenberg’s other interests include running and swimming, as well as gourmet cooking.