Rose LaFleur

Committed to Assisting People with Disabilities

Albuquerque, United States

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Her background

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About her

After developing an early interest in human growth and development, Rose LaFleur studied health education and wellness in college, eventually receiving certification in health education. Rose LaFleur then went on to pursue additional studies and obtained a graduate degree focused on human development and curriculum & instruction.

Rose LaFleur also remained keenly interested in the environment and its relationship to health and well-being, so she undertook a position as a water operator for a central Virginia water treatment plant. While serving as a water operator, Rose LaFleur experienced a traumatic work-related accident.

During the healing process, Rose LaFleur developed an increasing interest in exploring the chemistry and physics related to her injuries and recovery. Unable to find the medical help necessary to combat her neurological symptoms, Rose LaFleur took steps toward a self-constructed rehabilitation program. During this time, Rose LaFleur began to understand that an overlooked aspect of medical care is the treatment of neurological disabilities.

Rose LaFleur realized that her situation was not unique, and she endeavored to share her difficult journey toward better health with others. Rose LaFleur decided to undertake self-education about the body and its relationship with the brain. Embarking on a course of study that included chemistry and physics, Rose LaFleur began a career path that would assist her in helping others in their efforts to overcome neurological disabilities.

Although her personal disability presents daily challenges, Rose LaFleur remains dedicated to aiding others with similar medical issues and heightening public awareness of neurological disorders.