Robb Lakritz

Robb Lakritz

Robb LaKritz of LaKritz Holdings and LaKritz Adler Development

Currently employed at LaKritz Adler Development LLC

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    An experienced investment and real estate professional, Robb LaKritz earned a bachelor of arts in political science from the University of Michigan and a juris doctor from the Emory University School of Law. In 2003, Robb LaKritz cofounded LaKritz Adler Development, LLC, a Washington, DC-based firm that has completed a wide range of commercial, residential, and institutional redevelopment ventures throughout the region, and has since served as the company’s managing director. Projects completed under his direction include the conversion of a historic foreign embassy into the mixed-use Veritas Building and the transformation of the historic Watha T. Daniels House into a retail and office building. In addition to his general senior management duties, he chairs the company’s investment committee. In 2012, Mr. LaKritz founded an additional business, the privately held, diversified investment firm LaKritz Holdings, LLC, which he also chairs. This global, multi-sectorial firm oversees a variety of private equity and real estate investments.



Co-Founder & Managing Member

At LaKritz Adler Development LLC

From 2004 to Present


At United States Treasury

From April 2001 to January 2003