Richard Rust Indianapolis

Richard Rust Indianapolis

Anesthesiologist, Northside Anesthesia Services, LLC

Chicago, United States

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About him

Richard Rust, MD, is a staff anesthesiologist at Northside Anesthesia Services of Indianapolis. Throughout his career as an anesthesiologist, Dr. Richard Rust served St. Vincent’s Hospitals network, which includes various hospitals throughout Indianapolis and surrounding cities. He is also a skin care expert, author, and creator of the Two Minute Skin Care program.

After earning his MD at the Indiana University School of Medicine, Dr. Rust became a board-certified anesthesiologist. Now a partner at Northside Anesthesia Services, he administers anesthetics in emergency care and outpatient settings.

At a young age, he became interested in skin care. After performing countless anesthetic procedures in Indianapolis hospitals, he noticed the negative effects that the sun had on patients’ skin. The Two Minute Skin Care program he developed is designed for men, particularly those concerned with aging. It combines the preventive effects of sunscreen with the wrinkle-reducing properties of vitamins A and C. In his free time, Dr. Rust enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.