Reese Jones

Reese Jones

Trustee, Singularity University

Currently employed at Singularity University


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    An accomplished inventor and venture capitalist, Reese Jones attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he earned his BS in Biophysics. After spending several years working toward a Berkeley PhD in the same subject, Reese Jones dedicated his attention to Farallon PhoneNET & Media and Netopia, companies he founded while in graduate school. Farallon PhoneNET & Media saw the first of Reese Jones’ many inventions. Reese Jones developed twisted pair networking, which allows Internet services to be combined with phone wires. Reese Jones also invented the first computer sound recording software and first sound over the internet. Reese Jones oversaw Netopia’s growth through VC & IPO until 2007, when the broadband Internet services infrastructure company was acquired by Motorola for $208 million. After many years as one of Silicon Valley’s most successful inventors and entrepreneurs, Reese Jones has turned his attention to work with Singularity University, where he is a member of the board of Trustees and an associate founder. Reese Jones’s time with Singularity University indicates his commitment to innovation and a brighter future. Singularity University is dedicated to educating new leaders and developing exponentially advancing technologies to address the current and future obstacles facing humanity. Alongside his role at Singularity University, Reese Jones works with companies like CURRENT Group LLC, which specializes in smarter power grid infrastructure upgrades. Intelligent sensor technology allows CURRENT’s Smart Grids to track and respond to changes across a power grid, reducing energy waste and laying the groundwork for the more efficient use of sustainable network energy sources. Reese Jones’s expertise in wireless and intelligent sensor technology also involves his work with Rotani. As a board member at Rotani, Reese Jones advises a firm creating the most advanced wireless networks and sensor monitoring technologies for mobile internet traffic and security uses. Reese Jones’ other intellectual and professional interests include biometric interfaces, synthetic biology tools and applications, and human evolution.




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