Raymond Tallia

Raymond Tallia

President, RJT Associates Inc.

Currently employed at RJT Associates Inc.


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    Raymond Tallia heads RJT Associates, Inc., as the founder and President of the boutique consultancy agency. In operation for 12 years, RJT leverages over 25 years of international and domestic law enforcement experience through Mr. Tallia. The firm provides an international clientele with due diligence, competitive research services, in-depth background checks, witness location, and related functions. In addition to the due diligence needs of his clients, Mr. Tallia executes pro bono work on behalf of charitable and governmental organizations that serve the needs of at-risk youth and families who are disadvantaged. Prior to the formation of RJT, Raymond Tallia operated as an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). During his time on domestic soil, Mr. Tallia’s successful work as a field operative led to a series of special assignments. Showing the ability to work well with other law enforcement agents outside the FBI, Mr. Tallia received assignments requiring interagency cooperation. While cooperation is often in short supply during interagency scenarios, his cooperative abilities served him well when was selected to reorganize the Government Task Force at the Executive Office of the President. After his service at the White House, Raymond Tallia received an overseas assignment. A favorable position that included time spent at the American Embassy in Paris, Mr. Tallia earned the role after the successful completion of his interagency task force duties. Now with diplomatic status, he operated without being identified as a FBI agent. Primarily working in Europe and North Africa, Mr. Tallia crafted professional relationships with colleagues at the NATO headquarters in Brussels and the Interpol headquarters in Lyon, France. Now in civilian work, Raymond Tallia utilizes the personal network he developed while affiliated with the FBI. Mr. Tallia and his agency are based in Washington, D.C. Aside from his work and charitable efforts; Mr. Tallia enjoys reading, cooking, and playing tennis.




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  • cooking
  • counseling at-risk youth
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