Raymond Colman

Raymond Colman

Owner, Angel's Exquisite Jewelry

Currently employed at Angel's Exquisite Jewelry


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    Who am I? 1952 CLASSIC! Better than most of this vintage. Lots of good years and mileage left. Motor runs well, no "check engine light", some dings in the paint, good chassis and all original parts. Everything works! Yes, I have class, but I'm not high maintenance. Not to get too confused, a man can be high maintenance too and have ZERO class. Alright here you have an experienced woodworker, metal worker, particularly hand forged ironwork, builder, electrical, plumbing etc.... strictly hands on type fellow. I make all sorts of Jewelry from Gemstones, Ear rings, Finger rings, Bracelets & Necklaces. Top notch quality brand you won't regret.



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