Raphael Arwas

Raphael Arwas

Highly Trained Dental Professional

Columbus, United States

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  • Owner
  • Surgery

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About him

An experienced dental professional with a broad range of training and expertise, Dr. Raphael Arwas began preparing for his career as a student at Concordia University, where he earned a bachelor of science with a concentration in biology. Following this, he gained acceptance to the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine to receive a doctor of dental surgery. After graduating, Raphael Arwas, DDS, continued his training with a general practice residency in conjunction with the Peninsula Hospital Center of Far Rockaway, Queens, New York.

At present, Raphael Arwas, DDS, treats patients at his highly rated private dental practice, the Florida-based Hallandale Beach Dental. In his role as the owner and primary dentist, Dr. Arwas provides clients with a diverse variety of dental services ranging from simple cleanings to more advanced procedures such as guided jaw bone regeneration, and dental implant surgery for tooth replacement. In addition, he maintained licensure to practice dentistry in New York, New Jersey and Ontario, Canada.