Randall Fincke

Founder and President, Advent Medical Products

Burlington, United States

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His skills

  • Medical devices
  • Medical technology
  • Entrepreneur

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  • English
    ****Mother tongue

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    Sailing Skiing Jogging Travel Raced and Won at the Boston Harbor Sailing Club

    About him

    For over 25 years Randall Fincke has been a pioneer in founding and guiding industry-leading organizations with new medical technologies both internationally and in the US markets. He previously founded Cadent Medical and currently has founded Advent Medical Products, a medical device and technology company based in Burlington, Massachusetts. As the President of Advent Medical Products the firm develops and leverages the latest advances in technology to create safer and more efficient products and solutions that interface more effectively for better quality of care, communication, safety, and at the same time reducing costs. The company is entering the $6B medical device market in both the US and international markets through Randall Fincke's leadership, experience and expertise. Most recently, Randall Fincke is spearheading the design and development of Advent’s entry in to the hospital organizations, EMS, Corporate, and Military and Government markets among other critical care applications that require medical devices. They provide better outcomes and improved patient satisfaction for more functional use while reducing costs. Mr. Fincke’s company manufactures innovative and advanced products that are incorporated into a completely integrated system to improve quality or care, increase safety, provide more efficiency, and reduce costs. Randall Fincke earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of New Hampshire and went on to earn a master’s degree in design engineering from Tufts University. Mr. Fincke previously served as a vice president of research and development for ZOLL Medical, in addition to founding Cadent Medical, and Advent Medical Products.